The Human Resources Division offers a broad range of services to Harris County Departments and employees. As an Employer of Choice, Human Resources & Risk Management assists with employment/career opportunities, professional training development, employee relations matters, and much more.

Understanding that Harris County Employees are our greatest asset, the Human Resources Division is responsible for Recruitment/Employment, Training and Development, Employee Relations and HR Compliance. Our Human Resources Division handles job postings and applications of potential employees as well as focuses on the training and development of current County employees. The Division also assists with reviewing and responding to claims for unemployment, administering the County's grievance procedure and ensuring compliance with the ADA, FMLA, EEOC and other applicable state and federal laws and regulations.


Employee Spotlight

Ryan Andrews

Ryan is a dedicated Compliance professional with a passion for ensuring equitable workplaces and driving positive change. With roots in the heart of the South and a specialized legal education, Ryan has spent the past 10 years in HR & Regulatory Compliance, working with prestigious organizations such as Four Seasons, TransUnion, and local law enforcement agencies in Louisiana.

Ryan’s journey into the division of HR Compliance began with a deep desire to harmonize the intersection of law and workplace dynamics. Armed with a Juris Doctorate, Ryan continues his mission to protect the rights of employees and employers alike, fostering environments of fairness, inclusivity, and regulatory adherence.

His career has taken him through multiple paths where he’s had the privilege of crafting, implementing, and fine-tuning HR Compliance strategies that stand as beacons of best practices. This role for him, is not just about policies and procedures; it’s about setting goals to create and maintain cultures where every individual feels heard, valued, and respected.

Outside of work, Ryan travels abroad, studies other languages and cultures, and spends time with family.

Join Ryan on his journey of excellence with Harris County.

“Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a curious newcomer, or simply an advocate for workplace fairness, let’s connect, collaborate, and continue to shape the future of HR Compliance together.” -Ryan