The Human Resources Division offers a broad range of services to Harris County Departments and employees. As an Employer of Choice, Human Resources & Risk Management assists with employment/career opportunities, professional training development, employee relations matters, and much more.

Understanding that Harris County Employees are our greatest asset, the Human Resources Division is responsible for Recruitment/Employment, Training and Development, Employee Relations and HR Compliance. Our Human Resources Division handles job postings and applications of potential employees as well as focuses on the training and development of current County employees. The Division also assists with reviewing and responding to claims for unemployment, administering the County's grievance procedure and ensuring compliance with the ADA, FMLA, EEOC and other applicable state and federal laws and regulations.


Employee Spotlight

Felix Sanchez

Felix Sanchez brings nine years of experience working for HCJPD and serves as a Juvenile Probation Officer (JPO) for the Youth Empowerment Services and Supervision (YESS) Program. The YESS Program focuses on young individuals on probation for involvement in known gang-related behavior. Felix has also held positions as a Youth Development Officer in the Juvenile Detention Center and as a JPO for Community Unit Supervision (CUPS) 4.

During his tenure as a JPO, Felix has experienced numerous gratifying moments. He organized a 3-on-3 basketball tournament in 2022, allowing young people to engage in a proactive activity. He has also worked diligently to gather resources for youth and families through collaboration with various organizations. Witnessing many young people's graduation and job attainment on his caseload gives him great pride.

Felix finds fulfillment in community engagement, establishing connections with different vendors, and attending gang intelligence conferences to enhance his knowledge. By expanding his professional growth, he can better engage with the youth and gain insight into the underlying causes of delinquency. Additionally, he values teamwork among fellow JPOs in ensuring the safety of our community and providing essential support to youth, including meeting their basic needs.

Outside work, Felix dedicates three weekends each month to traveling within Texas and other states, supporting his 16-year-old daughter's softball games, and exploring various universities. He also indulges in fishing, hunting, grilling, and watching football. Felix serves as a role model to his family, as he is the first college graduate college on both sides of his family.
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