The Human Resources Division offers a broad range of services to Harris County Departments and employees. As an Employer of Choice, Human Resources & Risk Management assists with employment/career opportunities, professional training development, employee relations matters, and much more.

Understanding that Harris County Employees are our greatest asset, the Human Resources Division is responsible for Recruitment/Employment, Training and Development, Employee Relations and HR Compliance. Our Human Resources Division handles job postings and applications of potential employees as well as focuses on the training and development of current County employees. The Division also assists with reviewing and responding to claims for unemployment, administering the County's grievance procedure and ensuring compliance with the ADA, FMLA, EEOC and other applicable state and federal laws and regulations.


Employee Spotlight

Lyndsey Stuart

We are excited to introduce you to one of our dedicated team members, Lyndsey Stuart.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Lyndsey lived there until June 2023 when her family relocated to Houston, Texas. In August 2023, Lyndsey began her journey with Harris County.

In 2005, Lyndsey earned a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in history. After a brief stint as a political consultant, she discovered a passion for teaching and dedicated 13 years to high school education. In 2020, Lyndsey decided to pursue a new path by obtaining a master’s degree in human resource development. This led to a rewarding career transition into HR, starting with a role as a Continuous Skills Development Manager.

Currently, Lyndsey serves as a Training Specialist at HRRM. She finds immense joy in her work, drawing from a strong background in teaching and instructional design. Collaborating with an exceptional team, she helps create an enjoyable and exciting work environment. Despite missing family and friends back in Oklahoma, she absolutely loves Houston and is thrilled with her decision to relocate.

Additionally, Lyndsey has been happily married for 17 years and has two wonderful children—Madelyn, 17, and Maxwell, 15. Their family also includes three dogs and one cat, making their home a lively and loving place.

Lyndsey is very thankful to live and work in Harris County and is excited about what the future holds. We are grateful to have such a passionate and skilled individual as part of our team!

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