Harris County Employee COVID-19 Helpful Resources and Links

As we continue to learn more regarding COVID-19, this page serves as a resource for Harris County Employees to obtain useful tips on keeping them and their families safe, information on the Harris County Employee Insurance Program, and Frequently Asked Questions.  The information contained here serves as a resource, for department specific information, please speak with your manager, or your Department's Human Resources Office.


Return to Work After COVID-19

Families First Coronavirus Response Act


Families First Coronavirus Act Question and Answers

Useful tips for keeping you and your family safe 


Harris County Employee COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


CIGNA Enhances COVID-19 Coverage to Office Visit/Telehealth Coverage


Temporary Amendments to the Personnel Policies


Hazard Pay - Approved Court Letter


Waiver for Doctor


Negative 80 Comp Time Balance


Additional Paid Leave for Law Enforcement


Additional Paid Leave for Regular Employees


Vacation Max Accrual



Employees and their dependents covered by the Harris County Health Insurance (CIGNA) have the ability to use telehealth.  Telehealth allows the user to visit with a licensed physician remotely without physically having to go to the doctor's office.  For additional information, please click below:





Harris County Public Health has developed a number of resources to both educate and assist the public regarding COVID-19.  Below are links to a Fact Sheet and Portal:


Harris County Public Health Fact Sheet

Harris County Public Health Portal