Harris County Data Fellows Program


Program Overview

The Harris County Human Resources and Risk Management Department is proud to present the County Data Fellows Program as an opportunity for talented, data-driven graduates eager to create a positive impact in their communities. This is your chance to contribute to the efforts of the County by helping to improve services to residents and support decision-making through research and analysis.

This program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring data analysts to develop their skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. We believe that the Harris County Data Fellows Program will help to strengthen a collaborative culture of training and professional growth and influence change for the benefit of Harris County.

The Data Fellow

As Data Fellows, you will participate within a County agency for a period of one (1) year with a special focus on an assigned data project. You will work closely with a departmental champion who will provide direction throughout the span of the project. Through this program, you will have the exciting opportunity of collaborating with County leaders, using your data analysis skills to inform decision-making and improve services to citizens.


Potential Projects

  • Automate manual data reporting tasks to save time
  • Develop dashboards or analytics tools for strategic decision-making
  • Evaluate programs or policies using data analysis to optimize resource allocation
  • Improve existing spreadsheet models or tools with formulas, pivot tables, and macros
  • Design and implement a relational database for efficient data storage and analysis

Data Fellow Expectations

Phase 1:

Recognize the problem, access and explore relevant data, purpose potential solutions, and success indicators

Phase 2:

Theorize the solution, gather feedback from users and stakeholders, and establish baseline data for success indicators

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Phase 3:

Refine the solution, gather feedback, and identify additional side projects with Departmental Champion and agency

Phase 4:

Evaluate the solution based on success metrics and discuss 

Program Details



  • Technical background in science, technology, engineering, and math or relevant experience in data analysis and/or programming
  • Ability to derive insights from data and communicate effectively to non-technical audiences
  • Passionate about data-driven performance in Houston County Government
  • Dedicated to serving fellow citizens of Harris County
  • See the job posting for more information

How To Apply

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